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Woman Killed in Single-Car Crash

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By Ashley Amerio

Police are trying to determine the cause of a single-car crash that killed a woman believed to be in her late 20s, according to recent reports. The accident took place along San Juan Road near El Centro very early in the morning. So far, no witnesses have come forward to say what may have happened.

The woman crossed the center line for unknown reasons and attempted to over-correct. She then hopped the curb and crashed into a tree. Neighbors, hearing the crash, called 911. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The area where the crash occurred is known for speeding drivers. An investigation into the case is ongoing to determine if drugs, alcohol or speed were factors in the crash.

Accident Reconstruction: Sometimes Surprising Results

Accident reconstruction experts use many methods to reconstruct what led to an accident and give a professional opinion on how the accident occurred. In some cases, the findings of an accident reconstruction expert may bring surprising results.

Accident reconstruction experts have reached conclusions that led police away from a previous theory of an accident in some cases. When a vehicle crashes, the physical damage may obscure the reason for the car accident. For example, if a second car was involved but fled the scene, the evidence may not be apparent to those who believe the driver simply “lost control.” However, an accident reconstruction expert might be able to tell from paint scrapings, the speed of the vehicle at impact, the direction in which the vehicle turned and even the corrective actions taken by the driver that another car was probably involved.

Victims of Single-Car Accidents: Collecting Damages

Many people assume that if someone was involved in a single-car accident that the only person who could be responsible is the driver. This often leads family members to avoid pursuing a wrongful death case because they think the accident was the victim’s fault. This is not always true; sometimes, someone else may be responsible for the crash that is not immediately apparent to the victim or to the survivors.

For this reason, it is a good idea to seek a professional legal opinion about any accident involving injury or death. Ashley Injury Lawyers in Roseville is ready to talk to you about your accident, no matter what the circumstances, and determine if there is reason to pursue a personal injury or wrongful death case.

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