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What is Considered Personal Injury?

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What Is Personal Injury
By Ashley Amerio

What Is Personal Injury?

The term “personal injury,” from a legal standpoint, is how attorneys describe an injury that a person suffered from the negligence of a business or a person. The most common form of personal injury occurs during an auto accident. In this case, whiplash is the most prevalent injury suffered. In fact, if you are 30 years of age or older, the chances of whiplash occurring are more likely than those under 30 years old based on the fragility of the body as we age. In the event that you did not cause the accident, this injury may be legally pursued for compensation to cover medical expenses.

How Do Personal Injuries Happen?

A personal injury can happen in several other instances that do not involve auto accidents. Unfortunately, these types of injuries can happen unexpectedly at any time, any place, and for any reason, and it is our duty at Ashley Injury Lawyers to prove that negligence was present.

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For instance, you could be shopping and slip on a spill in the aisle that was neglected to be cleaned up or marked by an employee. Perhaps one of the shelves falls on you and injures you in some way, all because it wasn’t assembled correctly. This again may constitute grounds for negligence and could be pursued for compensation to cover the medical expenses for your injuries. These are only a couple of examples of how random an injury can happen. The common denominator of these examples is typically a result of negligence by an employee or a company.

At Ashley Injury Lawyers, our first priority is to ensure the safety of the person injured and to make sure that they are receiving the necessary medical treatment. It is our duty to identify negligence.

Having proper legal representation never fails to provide an edge in court. In cases that involve larger corporations, a confident, experienced attorney may be required to obtain affable compensation without having to settle for less than the value that the claim is worth. Without a proper attorney, there is a significant chance that your claim will be held back for months, if not years, because of the bureaucratic experience of unrelenting corporate attorneys. However, at Ashley Injury Lawyers, we pride ourselves on successfully overcoming the administrative red tape, and obtaining suitable compensation for our clients.

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