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What Constitutes A Personal Injury in Sacramento?

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Sacramento Personal Injury
By Ashley Amerio

You may have heard the term “personal injury” used in Sacramento, California, but what does that term really mean?  You may be surprised to learn some of the things that constitute personal injury and for which you may be able to collect damages.  In order to assess your personal injury case, it is important that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident or incident, as many personal injuries have short statutes of limitations or time limits to file a claim.  The attorneys will be happy to discuss the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit with you.

What Is Personal Injury in Sacramento?

A personal injury is any type of injury that causes harm or distress to you, whether it is physical, emotional or both.  This includes, among other things:

A personal injury lawsuit in Sacramento can involve a claim for payment of various types of expenses including medical bills, lost wages, living expenses and other costs.  It can also include a claim for pain, suffering and emotional distress.  A special type of Sacramento personal injury lawsuit, known as a wrongful death lawsuit, claims damages on behalf of family members of deceased victims of accidents.

What Happens When I File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have been injured in an accident, a personal injury attorney will meet with you and discuss your case.  The attorney will file a claim on your behalf for damages based on the law governing the type of accident in which you were involved.

Once your claim is filed, your attorney may engage in some discussion with the opposing side.  The purpose of these negotiations is to see if you can settle your case before going to court.  Most personal injury cases are settled relatively quickly, although some do extend for months or even years before going to trial.

If your case is not settled, you may be required to give depositions, which are recorded interviews, and appear in a court proceeding before a judge or jury.  The judge or jury will decide the outcome of your case and the amount you should be awarded.

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