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The Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims in California

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Statute Limitations
By Ashley Amerio

The term “statute of limitations” refers to the deadline required by law for filing a lawsuit against another party. For personal injury claims in California, the statute of limitations is usually no more than two years from the date of the accident that caused subsequent injury and other damages. However, each case is different, and some cases may require a different but nevertheless valid statute of limitations. In some cases, when the statute of limitation passes, it is extremely possible you will no longer have a sustainable legal claim for compensation for your injuries or damages. This means you might walk away with nothing for the injuries or damages you have endured due to a negligent party.

One of the biggest problems with personal injury cases are that injuries are not always immediately apparent. For example, if you have suffered from a head or brain injury, you may only have the symptoms of a headache starting out. Because there are no immediate significant injuries, you don’t file a lawsuit. Later down the road, however, your symptoms may accumulate and what you once considered a minor headache is now determined by doctors and specialists as something much more serious, requiring many doctor visits and expensive medical treatments in order to help you recover. This could be months or years after the accident and unfortunately, the statute of limitations on a personal injury case starts when the accident happens, not when you realize the seriousness of your injuries.

The most common mistake personal injury victims make is believing two years is plenty of time to file their personal injury claim. Unfortunately, doctor visits and expensive medical appointments and treatments can make time fly by incredibly fast, and before you know it, it’s too late. If you or somebody you love has been injured due to the negligence of another party, it is extremely important to seek medical attention and speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at Ashley Injury Lawyers right away. Whether it was a car accident, a fall, or an injury due to a defective product, the skilled attorneys of Ashley Injury Lawyers are experience with many types of personal injury cases. It is vital to take action instantaneously in order to follow proper statute of limitations orders.

At Ashley Injury Lawyers, we are honored knowing that it is our job to advise you on the proper steps to take following your accident, and we take your claim seriously. Tips such as keeping careful notes of your medical treatments, maintaining all bills of your medical treatments, taking photos of any injuries or damages due to negligent parties, etc. These are all things your personal injury attorney at Ashley Injury Lawyers can help you with! Together, you and your knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyer can help you be prepared for your lawsuit before the statute of limitations for the claim as been met. The personal injury attorneys of Ashley Injury Lawyers want to help guide you through the personal claims process, so you can come out of the situation stress-free and with the compensation you deserve and are entitled to! Call Ashley Injury Lawyers at 888-ASHLEY-911 today!

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