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Teens Die In Vacaville Crash

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Vacaville Accident
By Ashley Amerio

Two teens are dead and others are fighting for life in the hospital after a crash on Pleasant Valley Road in Vacaville. One 16-year-old died during surgery immediately following the crash, while the 19-year-old driver was ejected and died at the scene. Five teens were ejected from the truck following a rollover. While the California Highway Patrol has not confirmed the identity of the young victims, an online fund has been set up to pay the funeral expenses for Gilbert Guzman.

According to authorities, the teens were returning from a trip to Lake Berryessa when the truck flipped over. Witnesses claim the driver was speeding. None of the five occupants were wearing seatbelts, and bottles of alcohol were found in the truck after the crash. The three surviving victims have suffered head and internal trauma and are all in the hospital in critical condition. None of the surviving victims is more than 18 years old.

Rollover Accidents – One of the Most Deadly Types

A rollover accident is one of the most deadly possible accidents, according to statistics. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has compiled data on rollover crashes that indicates:

  • Three-fourths of occupants killed in rollover crashes were not restrained by safety belts. Two-thirds of them suffered complete ejection from the vehicle.
  • The majority of rollover crashes involve only one vehicle.
  • Rollovers are more likely to result in fatalities than any other type of crash.
  • Rollovers account for nearly one in five fatal vehicle crashes.
  • Light trucks and SUVs are particularly prone to rollovers.
  • About 40 percent of single-vehicle rollover crashes show no evidence of driver avoidance maneuvers prior to the crash. This leads to the conclusion that many rollovers occur before the driver “knows what is happening.”
  • Speed is a factor in many fatal rollover crashes.

It is important to remember that if you are injured in a rollover crash, you may have the right to have your medical bills paid and other expenses covered through a personal injury settlement or judgment. In order to recover these monetary damages, many people turn to a personal injury attorney for help.

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