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Sinkhole on I-5

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Sinkhole on I-5
By Ashley Amerio

Are Potholes Safe?

Have you ever wondered if a pothole in the road is safe to drive over? Do you usually try to avoid it? As you’re driving, the size and depth of the pothole can be hard to determine. The best advice, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is to slow down and do your best to avoid such obstructions. Often times, a driver cannot maneuver away from the hole because of traffic, and he or she cannot determine the impact it will have on the car, so they decide to run it over. From this, the car can be damaged in several ways, such as: deflated tires, damaged alignment, steering damage, axel damage, frame damage, etc. It is hard to believe that a pothole that is merely 12 inches in diameter can cause these types of problems. Now take into consideration the impact of driving over a hole that is nearly 10-feet wide. The damages can be catastrophic, and death or serious injury is a possibility.

KCRA Reports Pothole on I-5 Freeway

On northbound Interstate 5 just south of Tracy in San Joaquin County, according to KCRA 3 News in Roseville, Caltrans workers discovered a pothole that was 12 inches in diameter on the road, so they marked the road as needing repair in that area. When they came back a few days later, the hole was determined to be a sinkhole, as it then stretched across one lane of the interstate. Freeway potholes and sinkholes are considered one of the most dangerous road hazards because they can cause damage to your car, cause the car to swerve, and even cause deadly collisions with other drivers. Fortunately for I-5 drivers, Caltrans caught the sinkhole before it could expand and damage cars or injure drivers. Click Here to read the full story at KCRA 3 News in Roseville.

Car Damage

In situations where a pothole or sinkhole has damaged your car, caused a collision, or even caused a death because of an auto accident, you require knowing that there is somebody that you can talk with to seek damages. The attorneys at Ashley Injury Lawyers have in depth knowledge of what it takes to successfully win a case involving property damage, personal injury, or even wrongful death. For a free consultation, call Ashley Injury Lawyers in Roseville at 888-ASHLEY-911 Call now!

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