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Drunk driving ranks among the leading causes of severe injury and death on US roads yearly after year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impaired drivers are involved in roughly one-third of all fatal traffic accidents in America each year.

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and alcohol is clearly negligent. A driver who becomes intoxicated and chooses to get behind the wheel puts every other driver on the road at risk of injury or death. If you or a loved one was the victim of a car accident caused by a drunk driver, contact the drunk driver’s personal injury lawyers at Ashley Injury Lawyers today at 888-ASHLEY-911. The aftermath of an accident is often overwhelming and can be emotionally and physically demanding. The drunk driving injury attorneys at Ashley Law will work with diligence and compassion to help you reclaim your life.

The drunk driving accident attorneys at Ashley Law understand the complexities of the law. We are dedicated to doing what it takes to see that the negligent driver who caused the accident is held accountable.

Complexity of DUI Accident Injury Cases

DUI accident injury cases are complicated since there are two separate cases. While the offending driver will be criminally charged, the personal injury case will be a different issue. Even if the driver is convicted in criminal court, the personal injury claim is a civil matter. You must hire an experienced drunk driving accident injury attorney to help you navigate the legal system. A skilled drunk driving injury lawyer will work tirelessly to allow you time to concentrate on your recovery.

The procedures and verdicts in your civil case will be separate from the criminal case. While a conviction in criminal court may help your civil case, it is not required that a drunk driver be convicted in criminal court for you to file a civil claim. There may be many reasons why a drunk driver is not convicted in criminal court that do not necessarily apply to civil cases. Whether a drunk driver is convicted in criminal court, you may still seek compensation through a civil claim if you have been injured.

What Do I do if I am injured by a Suspected DUI Driver?

Call the police immediately and notify them that you suspect the other driver to be under the influence, as with all auto accidents. It is crucial that the other negligent driver is held responsible and not put anyone else in harm’s way. Be sure that law enforcement files a full accident report and tests the other driver for alcohol or drug use at the scene.

Seek medical care to ensure your injuries are addressed immediately. Once you can do so, contact the drunk driving accident attorneys at Ashley Law for a free case evaluation at 888-ASHLEY-911. We will take the lead in pursuing the individual who caused your injury, allowing you time to get better.

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A drunk driver’s reckless behavior can have a lasting impact on your life. A person’s choice to get behind the wheel while intoxicated can result in lasting physical, emotional, and financial duress. The drunk driving accident injury attorneys at Ashley Law treat each case with compassion and attention to the smallest detail. If the careless actions of one drunk driver seriously injured you or a loved one, contact Ashley Injury Lawyers today. Call 888-ASHLEY-911 and learn more about your legal options.

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