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Hundreds of new drugs and medical products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States every year. In turn, these products are utilized by thousands of patients suffering from various ailments or medical issues. Sometimes, a drug or medical product is released to the public. It is later found to be dangerous or defective, thus causing severe personal injuries… even death in some cases.

While many drugs have dangerous side effects, others can cause much more severe, long-term personal injury. Although the FDA plays a regulatory role in approving and monitoring their safety after approval of a drug, the manufacturer is ultimately liable for any damages resulting from their medications. They must be held accountable.

Each year, defective and dangerous drugs and medical devices cause thousands of injuries and deaths in the United States. Often, pharmaceutical manufacturing giants recall their products from the market long after becoming aware of their potential for injury, and the damage has already been done. As a result, thousands of people each year suffer catastrophic injuries, undergo multiple corrective surgeries, and even lose their lives.

The dangerous drug attorneys at Ashley Law understand the devastating effects of hazardous drugs. Defective medical devices can have on the lives of our clients and their families. Our personal injury attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience. We represent clients who have suffered life-changing injuries, damages, and losses due to unsafe products and dangerous drugs.

The dangerous drug attorneys at Ashley Law work to protect people from further harm caused by these dangerous drugs by holding manufacturers accountable. Most of the time, many people are affected by a drug or medical product recall. Those affected are allowed to participate in large-scale lawsuits known as “mass torts” in these situations. Mass tort claims are filed to obtain compensation for groups of people or organizations that have been injured or harmed by a common act. Negligence is often associated with dangerous drugs.

If an unsafe medication has turned your world upside down, we understand your health is a top priority. You may wonder whether you have a case. You may have questions about what to do. Medical bills may be piling up. Maybe you can’t work. You’re probably under an immense amount of physical, mental, emotional, and financial stress. Our attorneys and staff understand that you need peace of mind when everything else seems to be going wrong. The dangerous drug attorneys at Ashley Law are prepared to give you a no-obligation, free case evaluation. Call us today at 888-ASHLEY-911 to see how we can help.

Help Stop the Dangerous Drug Cycle

Pharmaceutical companies can get away with this kind of dangerous activity consistently because these cases end in settlement far more often than they do in verdicts. Unfortunately, Plaintiffs suffering from the effects of hazardous drugs usually take settlement offers because they need the compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation. The enormous pharmaceutical companies are happy to pay for a settlement because it keeps their case out of Court and the news. As long as profits outweigh settlement fees, they simply consider it a cost of doing business.

If you have been the victim of a potentially dangerous drug or defective medical product, contact the dangerous drug attorneys at Ashley Law immediately. An attorney will evaluate your case and explain your legal options. Our experienced staff will listen to your situation and assess the facts and circumstances of your case. We will discuss your case during your free evaluation. An attorney will let you know whether a mass tort claim may be the appropriate course of action to handle your situation.

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