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If you, your child, or another loved one has been bitten by a dog, contact the dog bite attorneys at Ashley Law immediately at 888-ASHLEY-911. When dogs attack, the results can be devastating. Millions of people every year, primarily children, suffer injuries or death due to dog attacks. Hospital bills add up quickly and place a financial strain on the victim or victim’s family.

In addition to the financial repercussions, emotional trauma is expected after a severe dog bite. To receive compensation for damages stemming from a dog-related attack, hiring a dog bite attorney is a wise place to start. An experienced dog bite attorney at Ashley Law will conduct a free case evaluation. We review the details of your case and help you navigated the legal process.

Dogs are fiercely loyal to their owners, and owners can be fiercely loyal to their dogs. Therefore, dog owners often fail to accept responsibility after their dog attacks someone. Our dog bite attorneys fight passionately on behalf of our clients for a fair and just settlement victims deserve.

California is a strict liability state regarding attacks by vicious dogs. Strict liability means that absolute legal responsibility for injuries can be applied to the wrongdoer without having to prove negligence, carelessness, or fault. Even if the dog owner was not negligent, they could be held strictly liable. California law holds the dog owner responsible for dog attacks even if the dog has never attacked before or shown a propensity to attack. According to the law, dog attack victims deserve fair compensation for injuries suffered.

Why choose the Ashley Injury Lawyers to handle my case?

The dog bite attorneys at Ashley Law have represented thousands of people in Sacramento and Roseville, and all over California since 2007. We have exceptional results over the last ten years for clients who have been injured from dog bites. Our attorneys have been recognized as Top Lawyers since 2017 in the Sacramento area. And in the Top 10% of Lawyers in the USA. Our Firm has a firm rating of “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Multiple organizations throughout Northern California have recognized us as a premier injury law firm. When beginning a personal injury lawsuit, there is no substitute for an experienced and compassionate legal team. Contact Ashley Law today, an injury law firm with experience handling dog bite cases, to see how we can help with your case.

While there are many personal injury attorneys to choose from in the Sacramento and Roseville areas, not all can achieve the same high level of results. Suppose you need a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento and Roseville. In that case, the attorneys at Ashley Law are prepared to competently manage your case. The following factors set the Ashley Law apart from the rest:

Client Satisfaction:  At Ashley Law, we ensure that our clients’ needs are well taken care of. We understand how important it is for clients to be kept informed during the legal process. Our entire legal staff works hard to ensure that our clients receive compassionate and sincere service from the moment our clients step into our office. 

Suppose you, your child, or someone you love has been injured from a dog bite. In that case, you must take action right away by contacting the dog bite attorneys at Ashley Law for your free case evaluation. 

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

We keep various dogs as pets, but not all breeds are equally as likely to attack. We have identified specific types of dogs that are most commonly involved in dog bite litigation. The most common breeds engaged in an attack are:

  • Pit Bulls
  • German Shepherds
  • Rottweilers
  • Huskies

While these breeds attack people most often, this list is by no means exhaustive. Suppose any dog has bitten or otherwise attacked you or a loved one. In that case, the most prudent next step is to contact an Ashley Law dog bite attorney at 888-ASHLEY-911.

Dog Bite Facts and Statistics

The Animal Legal and Historical Center reports on California’s dog laws and defines a “potentially dangerous dog” as the following:

a) Any dog which, when unprovoked, on two separate occasions within the prior 36-month period, engages in any behavior that requires a defensive action by any person to prevent bodily injury when the person and the dog are off the property of the owner or keeper of the dog.

(b) Any dog that, when unprovoked, bites a person, causing a less severe injury than defined in Section 31604.

(c) Any dog which, when unprovoked, on two separate occasions within the prior 36-month period, has killed, seriously bitten, inflicted injury, or otherwise caused injury attacking a domestic animal off the property of the owner or keeper of the dog.

A “vicious dog” is defined as:

(a) Any dog that, when unprovoked, aggressively, inflicts severe injury on or kills a human being.

(b) Any dog previously determined to be and currently listed as a potentially dangerous dog that, after its owner or keeper has been notified of this determination, continues the behavior

The Center for Disease Control reported that approximately 5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. Nearly one in five bites becomes infected. Children are among the highest risk for dog bites, and the highest rate of injury occurs for those aged 5-9 years old. The CDC claims that more than half of dog-bite injuries occur at the home where the dog lives. “Adults with two or more dogs in the household are five times more likely to be bitten than those living without dogs at home.” Additionally, “up to 18% of dog bites become infected with bacteria. 

The American Veterinary Medical Association reported that there were 70 million dogs in the USA in 2015. On average, 36.5% of homes in the US have at least one dog. 800,000 Americans receive medical attention due to a dog bite, and at least half of those patients are children. The AVMA also reported that senior citizens are the second most common dog, bite victims. The AVMA acknowledges that “dog bites accounted for one-third of all homeowner’s liability insurance claims” in 2015.

Contact the Ashley Injury Lawyers

The dog bite attorneys at Ashley Law are familiar with the rights of dog bite victims in the state of California. We understand that a severe injury to a child, adult, or senior citizen can be frightening and emotionally devastating. Trauma, hospital bills, loss of income, and the stress of learning the legal process can be demanding and exhausting to deal with. We are sympathetic towards dog bite victims who are seeking to receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

If you have been injured by a dog bite in the Sacramento and Roseville regions, call the dog bite attorney at Ashley Injury Lawyers today at 888-ASHLEY-911.

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