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Passenger Rights in an Auto Accident

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Passenger Rights
By Ashley Amerio

Oftentimes when there are car accidents involving a driver and a passenger, we find that one of the most popular questions asked is if a passenger can sue the driver that was responsible for the accident.

The answer is yes!

Auto Accident Passenger

A car accident passenger involved in an automobile accident has just as many legal rights as anybody else would. Just as another car, pedestrian or biker would, you can sue for negligence. A negligent party is found when a person or group of people acts irresponsibly, resulting in pain or injury to another person or party. If you are a passenger in a car and suffer injuries due to another car driver, they can be held liable for any injuries or damages accrued. Negligent parties can be held responsible for medical bills, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering and any other damages you might have suffered as the passenger in an accident that you were a part of but innocent in.

If the driver happens to be a friend or family member

These situations can be incredibly tricky, as often times many injured victims do not want to sue their friend or family member (understandable). It is important in these circumstances to remember that the insurance company is the one responsible for the claims involving your accident, not your friend or your family member. One significant thing to keep in mind is that your friend or family member’s insurance company is the one responsible for paying these claims, not your loved ones.

If the other driver happens to be at fault

As a passenger in a car accident, you have just as many rights as you would if you were the innocent driver of an accident. If you find yourself as a passenger involved in an auto accident, be sure to get the negligent person’s name, address, telephone number, insurance information and car registration info.

As a passenger, you have the right to an attorney

Whether you are the driver, the registered owner of a vehicle, an injured pedestrian, or a passenger involved in an auto accident, you are entitled to representation by an attorney. The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys of Ashley Injury Lawyers can exponentially negotiate better settlements with insurance adjusters for complicated cases such as those involving passengers. If you were the passenger involved in an automobile accident, you are entitled to compensation. Call Ashley Injury Lawyers today at 888-ASHLEY-911.

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