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Overturned Tanker in Elk Grove Vents Gas

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By Ashley Amerio

An overturned tanker in Elk Grove was carrying liquid nitrogen that had to be vented by firefighters, potentially affecting nearby residents. A reverse 911 call was made to those living near Highway 99 to alert them of the operation. The situation was said to be contained and there was no immediate threat to public safety. Several ramps were closed in anticipation of the venting activity.

Officials were unable to offload the gas, but stated that the fumes were nontoxic and nonflammable. Venting of the product issued a vapor cloud due to the freezing temperature of the nitrogen. However, officials stated that there was no danger to anyone living in the vicinity. Under state and federal law, authorities are required to notify anyone in the vicinity of a chemical spill who may be affected.

Environmental Hazards and Personal Injury

The mere fact that a company or an employee has been negligent does not automatically create a personal injury case. In order for someone to file a personal injury claim, he or she must prove injury. Therefore, cases involving environmental hazards can be complicated when it comes to filing a claim, as each victim who claims damages must show injury caused by the negligence of the defendant.

Another way to say this is that, as a victim, you must be able to show that the proximate cause of your injuries was the defendant’s negligence. Just because a company causes an accident, even if it poisons the atmosphere, soil or water or exposes large numbers of people to potentially toxic material, there is not necessarily grounds for an individual personal injury claim.

A personal injury attorney can help you establish negligence on the part of the defendant, whether the defendant is an individual, a company or even a government agency. If you are entitled to recover damages, your attorney can work with you to file a claim and hold the company, individual or agency accountable.

What Damages Can I Recover As Part Of A Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been the victim of a personal injury, you may be able to collect compensation for several types of damages. These include medical bills, lost wages, temporary and permanent disabilities, pain and suffering and even loss of consortium.

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