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Ashley Amerio, Esq.

Ashley Amerio, Esq.

Ashley Amerio has dedicated her life to advocating for those who need legal assistance. She is the Founder and President of Ashley Injury Lawyers, which she established in 2007.

Leslie Sindelar Guillon - Attorney


Anh Thu Ho - Attorney

Christine Spivey - Senior Case Manager

Chloe Bush

Chloe Bush - Law Clerk

Mahrose Rauf

Mahrose Rauf - Law Clerk

Karen Forward

Karen Forward - Litigation Paralegal


Guadalupe Sepeda - Legal Assistant

Sam Wegerer - Senior Client Liaison


Karoline Kirk - Client Liaison

Ryan Jahnsen

Ryan Jahnsen - Brand Ambassador


Sandy Wegerer - Beloved Senior Client Liaison. RIP 2021, Always in our hearts.

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