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Motorcyclist Killed in 99 Crash

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Motorcycle Wreck
By Ashley Amerio

According to recent reports, motorcyclist Dillon Brilhart, a 34-year-old man from Elk Grove, died after a crash near Roseville. Investigators report that the man was seen driving recklessly southbound on Highway 99. He allegedly clipped a car and went down before being hit by one or more other vehicles.

Motorcycles and Speed: A Dangerous Combination

Motorcyclists who ride at high speeds are much more likely to crash than those who travel slower, statistics show. Speed is one of the major causes of all accidents but plays a disproportionate role in motorcycle collisions, according to statistics. Motorcycles are also more difficult for other drivers to spot on the open road, especially at night. Therefore, motorcycle riders must be even more aware of road dangers than other drivers.

In California, until June 2014, the practice of “lane splitting” or cutting between the middle of two vehicles on the road was a generally accepted method of travel for motorcyclists. However, the California Highway Patrol has now removed safety guidelines from its website in regard to lane splitting. The DMV followed suit in July 2014, leading to a general understanding that these two groups do not approve of lane splitting as a method of travel.

Whether motorcyclists lane-split or not, the high number of motorcycle fatalities have increased over the past few years. There were 495 motorcycle deaths in California last year, second only to Florida in the number of fatalities. In the same data released by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 53,000 motorcycle injuries nationwide.

Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Prevalent?

Many drivers claim that they cannot see motorcyclists, but many experts believe that the real problem is the fact that drivers instinctively give motorcyclists less respect than drivers of larger vehicles. About half of all motorcycle accidents are due to motorcycle rider error; of those that are not, driver inattention or refusal to yield the right-of-way are the most common causes.

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