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Flight Paramedics Save Motorcycle Crash Victim

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By Ashley Amerio

When a Roseville motorcyclist was rear-ended by a sedan, thrown into the windshield of a vehicle and slammed to the pavement, most people would have thought his chances of survival were not good. However, flight paramedic Sgt. Jessica Shelley, on duty with Detachment 1, Company F, 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment happened to be on the scene and immediately sprang into action, possibly saving the victim’s life.

According to reports, the victim was alert and speaking, but would then forget what had happened and begin asking the same questions again. While members of the 2-135th ran to assist, a civilian firefighter EMT stabilized the victim’s head and instructed a solider to stabilize the back. Meanwhile, Shelley cut the victim’s clothing away, looking for injuries. The victim was taken to a local hospital, while the driver of the truck was treated on the scene for minor injuries. Sgt. Shelley said she was pleased to have been able to help the victim and possibly save him from much more grievous injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents Often Result In Serious Injury

One of the most common outcomes of a motorcycle accident is a head, neck or spinal cord injury. When victims are slammed to the pavement at high rates of speed, even when they are wearing protective gear such as helmets, it is common for them to experience serious head, neck or back injuries.

According to recent statistics, head injury is the leading cause of death among motorcycle riders, and those not wearing a helmet are 40 percent more likely to die of a head injury and 15 percent more likely to suffer non-fatal injuries. Helmets reduce the likelihood of fatality by 37 percent.

Additionally, road rash, foot and leg injuries and muscle damage are very common even in “minor” motorcycle crashes. While not life-threatening, these injuries can be painful and can result in missed work and changes in lifestyle that affect both victim and family.

What Should I Do If I Am A Victim?

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