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Deadly Pedestrian Crash on Highway 50

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Deadly Pedestrian Accident
By Ashley Amerio

A deadly pedestrian crash on Highway 50 in Rancho Cordova brought traffic to a standstill, according to recent reports. Details remained very sparse, but those at the scene reported that traffic backed up for miles and that there was at least one reported fatality.   Caltrans issued a traffic alert involving a “deadly crash with a pedestrian” and noted that three lanes of Highway 50 at Sunrise boulevard were blocked.

It took hours to clear the scene, but by early evening traffic was once again flowing. Drivers were advised to avoid the area during the time that the lanes were shut down, but a large backlog of traffic congestion still occurred.

There are no details available on the age or gender of the pedestrian victim.

Pedestrian Crashes Show Conflicting Statistics

Pedestrian crash statistics are in a state of transition, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noting the following:

  • Between 1997 and 2006, total pedestrian fatalities declined but the chances of being in a fatal pedestrian accident increased.
  • Two-thirds of all pedestrian fatalities took place in urban areas. California cities account for some of the highest rates of pedestrian crashes nationwide.
  • New Year’s Day and Halloween are the two days with the highest number of pedestrian fatalities.
  • Most pedestrian fatalities occur on the weekend, between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and, for children, in the hour after school dismisses.
  • The largest group of people killed in pedestrian crashes are those over the age of 64, although those under 19 make up the largest number of pedestrians hit by vehicles.
  • Pedestrians account for about 11 percent of all traffic fatalities. This is a decrease from the former average of 13 percent in 1997.
  • The faster a car is moving, the more likely a pedestrian is to be killed. The chances of a pedestrian surviving a crash drop sharply at speeds above 25 miles per hour. By the time a car reaches more than 40 miles per hour, the chances are very small that a pedestrian can survive a crash.

What Should I Do If I Am The Victim of a Pedestrian Crash?

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