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Deadly Car Crashes Hit 15-Year High

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Deadly Car Crashes Hit 15-Year High
By Ashley Amerio

There has been an increase in road fatality since January that has not been seen since 2006 as reported by NBC News. At the start of 2021, the deaths by automobile were estimated to be around 20,160 ever since 2016, according to the recent National Highway Traffic Safety stats, 18.4 percent higher than the year’s initial half. 

These statistics were shocking as they depict a massive increase in road deaths ever since the U.S. Department of Transportation began to record these deadly crashes. The U.S has faced 40,000 traffic fatalities alone this year, including fifteen states accounting for half of them. 

Seeing a rise in the statistics of these fatal accidents – it’s imperative now more than ever to hire a personal injury attorney when such a crash occurs. It is crucial to have a personal injury lawyer by your side who can take care of your legal affairs and guide you, making the process manageable. A personal injury lawyer can help remove the stress that comes along with an uncertain financial outcome. They will help ensure you recover the damages you need and deserve.

What Has Led To An Increase In These Fatal Accidents?

There are many reasons why these fatal accidents are at their peak, and one of the main reasons experts suggest is the pandemic. People stuck in their homes for more than a year now are looking for ways to escape and are on the road more than previously. It is because they feel stuck at home, and this is the only way to get away. 

Other causes of this irresponsible behavior are that most of these drivers are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. They drink and drive in huge groups and end up injuring themselves or the other car. 

People have stopped following safety constraints – they don’t take seat belts seriously and are seen texting or calling while driving. Some video calls divert attention from the road and increase the chances of driving into an accident. 

Speeding and reckless driving have become more common and play a huge part in these fatal crashes. Not only do these reckless drivers risk their lives, but they also end up risking the lives of other drivers and pedestrians.

The rise in deaths is also increasing because people are now driving more. Since the unemployment rate is up, there are more drivers on the road. Many are distracted drivers responding to their cellphones instead of turning them off.

The Growing Demand Of A Personal Injury Attorney 

The figures of these fatal accidents have led to one conclusion: it is imperative to hire a personal injury lawyer under such circumstances. The moment an accident occurs, and it is not your fault, it can be highly confusing, stressful, and overwhelming. 

Victims can be injured permanently with physical and mental injuries. Therefore, one can be at a loss on how to proceed after an incident occurs. If a negligent party has caused you harm, hiring an expert personal injury lawyer will be the best option forward. Personal injury lawyers play an essential role in fighting your case, getting you the compensation you deserve and protecting your rights.

 Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. A lawyer knows they will not receive payment unless a favorable outcome for you is achieved. It is a greater risk for them but also serves as proper motivation. 

There are several motivations to hire a personal injury lawyer. One should look for the following when searching for an attorney. 

They Are True Professionals

When hiring a professional injury lawyer, the factor that matters the most is experience. Nobody wants to hire someone taking this case as a learning curve or adding to their expertise. Always look for someone who has handled various cases before and has the proper knowledge and expertise you’re seeking. A proficient attorney will have a deep understanding of the law. They will help you understand how the law works and how it will affect your case. 

The advantage of hiring someone who has the required knowledge and clearly understands the law increases the chances of you winning in the court and getting total compensation for your injuries.

Suppose you contact an expert personal injury lawyer right after the accident. In that case, there are higher chances of getting you the required medical attention immediately. Attornies are well aware of medical specialists that provide the best care and will ensure your proper recovery. In addition, they will ensure that you get the most damages for your injury claim and will provide doctors as expert witnesses in your case. 

The thing is that personal injury lawyers don’t get paid unless you receive the full compensation payment from the insurance company. It is a significant motivator for them as they will help you so that the claim can settle as soon as possible to get their payment. 

A professional will ensure that you are given proper advice about your case. You know the chances of winning and getting compensation. They will help prevent you from missing deadlines or mishandling technical details that are important to your lawsuit. Along with that, they will help settle the case and get you the money as soon as possible, allowing you to relax and heal and not stress out.

Know-How To Handle Insurance Companies

Most automobile accidents victims file their claims with their insurance companies. Not every lawyer has the expertise to deal with insurance companies. It requires knowledge of legal backup, without which the victim can get a small compensation. 

The thing with insurance companies’ representatives is that they are only concerned about their company’s profitability and will take whatever it is to lower the compensation of your damages. Most of these insurance companies will make it look like no one got hurt and force you into litigation.

A lawyer will help save you the added stress and time as they can deal with the insurance companies themselves. Most insurance companies stress you out and ask the victims to provide all the medical documentation and sign many medical forms, which is never in favor of the victim. They may also talk about settling the claim and not taking it forward. 

A personal injury lawyer who has the negotiation skills and the experience will win the most compensation possible. They know all the insurance laws and will ensure you get reimbursement for your damaged and suffering. They will protect you from being exploited by these companies. 

A lawyer will help guide you through the dangers and pitfalls of the legal system. There are many ways you can get into trouble. You could end up making mistakes that can cost you a lot of money that you may never recover, not to mention your physical health.

When you’re hiring a personal injury lawyer, make sure you consider the severity of your injury. It can be challenging to determine how much damage the at-fault party has caused you. Medical injuries take time to heal, and everyone is different when it comes to medical recovery. For that reason estimating how much time you’ll need to take off from work is many times impossible to judge. Be sure to sit down with your lawyer and let them explain why you should take time to heal correctly and not try and rush your cash.  

Communication And Listening Skills

How the attorney communicates with you, listens to you, and conveys your message across is everything. Your injury attorney should break down the information to you in such a way that you understand each detail fully. And they must be willing to listen to you at all times. It would help if you never opted for a lawyer who tells you they’ll win the case, super-fast before you even start talking.

Lawyers who pay attention to each detail of yours and are willing to talk you through the entire case and provide constructive reasoning and feedback are the ones you should consider. It will also help in court because the witnesses need to be asked questions. Complete responses are to be heard, leading to helpful evidence, which is suitable for your case. 

An expert injury lawyer will offer you the best advice on your claim and help determine what you are eligible to do in terms of compensation. It will get impossible to ask for reimbursement of these claims without a personal injury lawyer. 

Not only will a trained and well-practiced lawyer help you collect the evidence you need to prove your claim, but they will help you understand your settlement options. A skilled lawyer will tell you that most automobile cases are settled outside court and that the at-fault party will try to pressure you to settle the case for much less than you deserve. 

They will explain that if your settlement doesn’t cover your damages, you will not be able to take them to court again. Therefore, you have one shot at this, and you must get it right the first time. There are no second chances.

Only an expert lawyer can put pressure on an insurance carrier or the at-fault party. So much so that your lawyer can even sue the insurance company or the other party if they don’t fairly deal with your case. Therefore, you must hire a lawyer with the right expertise. 

Get You The Compensation You Need

When it comes to negotiating and getting you the compensation you need, a lawyer with brilliant negotiation skills will increase the chances of winning the case by putting their best front. These professional lawyers have excellent training that makes it hard for others to negotiate with them. 

The common practice for parties at fault is to try and persuade you to accept a small settlement so that you don’t take them to court, but a professional lawyer knows the best way to deal with such individuals even though their representatives will offer and try to convince you and your lawyer, a true professional knows how to look out for their clients best interest and not their own. 

The benefit of hiring a professional personal injury lawyer is that the risk of settling for fewer decreases. And it increases your chances of getting as much compensation as you can thank their skill, expertise, and record of winning cases. They will calculate all the value of your economic and non-economic damages and will maximize the compensation for your pain and suffering. 

The Bottom Line

With the increase in fatal crashes, finding yourself a personal injury lawyer you can trust with the legal proceedings and compensations for your case is imperative. Take into consideration all the benefits of hiring one and weigh your options cautiously before taking a final decision, as you only have one chance to prove yourself in court. Experience counts big time in personal injury cases, so it is best to look for a lawyer who has all-encompassing experience working on similar cases and has won many before.

If you’re looking for a qualified personal injury lawyer, contact Ashley Injury Lawyers in Sacramento, CA. They will guide you better on what to do considering your case. Contact them for an free initial evaluation.

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