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Crash on I-80 Involves Seven Vehicles

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Freeway Pile Up
By Ashley Amerio

A seven car pileup blocked two lanes of westbound Interstate 80 in Roseville and caused several injuries, according to recent reports. The initial starting point for the crash appears to have been an elderly driver who rear-ended a car in front of him. Investigators believe that he did not see the cars slowing down and that he may have had some type of medical emergency at the time of the crash. He was unconscious when rescue workers arrived. His current condition has not been reported.

The impact caused a chain reaction that eventually involved seven vehicles. The pileup slowed traffic on the Interstate for some time as officials worked to clear the wreckage and investigate the crash.

Unclear Liability in Car Accidents

Some car crashes are very easy to understand. If one driver hits another because he ran a red light, liability is fairly clear-cut. However, in some car crashes, liability can be much more difficult to determine.

For example, it is clear that the driver in this case rear-ended another vehicle. That usually means that the driver is at fault. However, if the driver suffered a medical emergency that was caused by a caregiver giving the wrong medication or by some other type of faulty medical care, others besides the driver could be liable. In addition, when there is a large pileup of cars, more than one driver may be at fault. This can lead to conflicting and confusing lines of liability that can result in difficulty in collecting compensation for the victims.

How Can I Collect Compensation for My Car Crash?

The first step in collecting compensation in any car accident case is establishing that someone else is at fault. This can be difficult to do alone, so having the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney may help.

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