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Comedian Has Concussion After Biking Accident

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Biking Accident
By Ashley Amerio

Jack Gallagher is an actor, playwright and most notably a comedian in the Roseville area. According to reports, the comedian was recently involved in an accident in which the bicycle he was riding collided with an automobile. The comedian suffered a concussion as a result of the crash. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Gallagher was wearing a helmet and other protective gear; however, the impact caused him to fly onto the hood of the vehicle and into its windshield. There is no information concerning the condition of the driver or any other occupants of the vehicle.

Helmets and Concussions

Most people associate concussions with loss of consciousness or speech impairment, but the symptoms of a concussion may not be readily visible. The Mayo Clinic describes a concussion as a traumatic brain injury that alters the way the brain functions. In most cases, the effects are temporary. The most common cause of a concussion is a blow to the head that occurs in contact sports, but concussions are also very common in car and bicycle accidents. In fact, concussions are the most common reason a cyclist will visit the emergency room.

Studies have revealed that only half of cyclists regularly wear helmets. Studies have also shown that bicycle helmets, which are designed to protect against head trauma, have helped in reducing the number of deaths in catastrophic accidents. However, helmets have done very little to prevent concussions and other brain injuries. Researchers believe this is because helmets are designed to meet the most minimum standards, which include surviving a six-foot drop test. This does not mean that these helmets will actually shield the head from trauma, particularly when cyclists are hit at high speeds or by large, heavy objects like cars.

One problem with helmets is the material used to absorb impacts. Most helmets use what is called expanded polystyrene. If the impact is strong enough to disintegrate the material, the helmet itself is rendered useless. There have been cases of helmets that were completely destroyed during a cycling accident, leaving the victim with effectively no protection at all.

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