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Brake Failure Leads to Major Accident

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By Ashley Amerio

The driver of a car that collided with another at a Natomas intersection claims that the accident occurred due to brake failure, according to recent reports. The crash occurred at the intersection of North Market Boulevard and National Drive when one of the drivers crashed into the other, flipping one vehicle on its side and causing the other to hit a traffic light. Roseville Fire Rescue personnel cut one victim out of a vehicle where he was trapped. Both victims were taken to area hospitals with major injuries. An investigation into the case continues.

Liability for Brake Failure: Manufacturer or Owner?

When brakes fail, the owner of the vehicle, the manufacturer of the brake system or both may be liable for injuries caused by the accident. Brake manufacturers are required to create products that are safe for normal use, and car owners are required to perform proper maintenance on their vehicles, including replacing brakes when they are worn or in danger of failing.

Therefore, the responsibility for an accident in which brakes fail could rest with either the manufacturer or the car’s owner, depending on who did not take the proper steps to ensure that the brakes were safe. If the owner has not performed proper maintenance on the vehicle, it may do no good to claim that the brakes failed and that the accident was not his or her fault.

On the other hand, if the owner of the vehicle has performed regular maintenance and the brakes unexpectedly fail, it is possible that the manufacturer of the brakes or the person who installed them may be at fault. One way to determine if this is true is to have an expert examine the vehicle and look for evidence of defects in the brakes or braking system.

If the experts can determine that the brakes were manufactured or installed incorrectly, both the driver of the vehicle and anyone else who is injured in the crash may be able to collect damages from the manufacturer or the mechanic responsible for the installation.

What Should I Do If I Am The Victim of a Faulty Brake Accident?

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