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Bicyclist Killed By SUV

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By Ashley Amerio

A recent bicycle accident killed a man on his way to a recycling center in Roseville, according to police sources. Tom Ross, 55, was hit and killed while riding in the bicycle lane when he was struck by the SUV. The male driver was in his 50s and had people, including children, in the vehicle at the time. No one in the SUV was injured.

Betty Ross said her son Tom collected bottles and cans and was riding with a friend to the recycling center near Freeport Boulevard and Fruitridge Road the day he was killed. The victim’s friend, who was riding ahead of him, heard a crash and turned around to see his friend lying in the road. The friend was not injured in the accident.

In the midst of her grief, Ross could only urge motorists to be more careful and watch out for cyclists and pedestrians.

New State Law Goes Into Effect

Tom Ross’s crash came only two days after a new state law went into effect, in which motorists are required to give cyclists at least a three-foot buffer when passing them. Commissioner Joe Farrow of the California Highway Patrol said “Motorists are reminded to pay close attention as the school year approaches and exercise caution when they see bicyclists on the road.” He added, “Be sure to move over or slow down to pass when you see a bicyclist on the road and help keep our roadways a safer place.”

In 2012, 726 people lost their lives in bicycle/motor vehicle crashes, representing a little over two percent of the total people killed and injured in traffic accidents nationwide. State data showed that 153 bicyclists were killed in California in the year 2012, which accounted for about 5 percent of the total collision deaths in California. It was estimated that about 49,000 people were injured in a bicycling accident nationwide, up from 48,000 in 2011.

Bicycling Accidents And Wrongful Death Deserve Justice

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