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Auto Accident Claims in Sacramento What You Should Know

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Auto Accident Claims in Sacramento What You Should Know
By Ashley Amerio

Being the capital city of California, Sacramento’s ever-growing population and its auto traffic situation isn’t a surprise.

However, it’s essential to understand that no matter how common, auto accidents are punishable offenses in most cases.
The physical pain of injuries or the emotional suffering of losing a loved one due to an accident that was another driver’s fault is a heart-wrenching experience. However, claiming compensation for this injustice is your right. Hence, if you’re in an auto accident, you should know your rights regarding the claims you can make.

In this article, we aim to explain auto accident claims in detail and how you can make one if you’ve been in an auto accident. We will cover other personal injury damages that are offensive under California law. Moreover, the article would also help you make informed decisions regarding hiring a personal injury lawyer who cares deeply about your case and is determined to bring you justice.

Common Types of Auto Accidents

California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) analyzed the data collected in Sacramento about auto accidents in the year 2021. The expert technical and analyst team reported that more than 5,500 sustained some form of injury in all collisions that year.

However, not all auto accidents that resulted in injuries or fatalities were similar. Hence, it’s necessary to recognize the city’s different types of auto accidents.
These auto accidents are classified according to another driver’s mistakes.

Distracted Driving

Current smart devices are portable and ubiquitous. Everyone is using them constantly. As a result, cases of distracted driving incidents have also increased. The crashes usually occur when the person driving the vehicle is visually, cognitively, or manually distracted from the task at hand; driving.

Whether someone’s looking at the GPS, conversing on a call connected via Bluetooth, brushing their hair, thinking about the fallout with a colleague, or reaching for something in the glove compartment, all unnecessary and minor distractions can result in an accident.

Suppose you’ve been in an accident that involved a distracted driver. In that case, you can file for claims in personal injury since the at-fault driver is identifiable. However, proving such an offense might seem challenging. Therefore, your team of expert and experienced attorneys are essential as they can make the process easy and achievable by collecting additional audiovisual and documented evidence.

Driving Under Influence

On Californian grounds, having 0.08% alcohol concentration in the blood or higher is considered illegal. Despite strict rules and regulations, DUI incidents are reported heavily in the state.

Driving under the influence or DUI refers to the driving of an intoxicated driver who’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Such cases, though common across the nation, are also somewhat intricately woven due to other criminal charges.

The intoxicated driver will be charged with illegal driving as it’s against the law. However, your matter is resolvable under civil law if you’ve been a victim of this drunk driving.

Despite the intricacies of the legal system, a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer will be able to assist you in navigating through it. The expert lawyer or team of lawyers should be able to strengthen your case and get you the justice you deserve.

You should know that, in DUI cases, you can file medical and lost working income claims if you have sustained severe injuries that prevent you from working and ultimately losing the income you could have earned on your absent days. Moreover, your vehicle repairs will also likely be covered if the damages on your automobile are evident.

Speeding Accidents

One-third of the fatal car accidents occurring yearly are due to speeding accidents.

The term speeding is self-explanatory, referring to accidents occurring due to driving at an increased pace. However, several other related offenses are similar to speeding accidents and charged similarly.

When a driver commits to speeding, they may have violated Californian traffic rules. Hence, the driver will be charged under separate laws for their illegal activity. However, the collision caused due to reckless driving is a punishable offense under civil laws where you can claim your personal injury damages.

In several instances, driving speedily under unfavorable weather conditions is also reported to be fatally dangerous. Hence, if you have suffered an accident under such circumstances, you can file for claims as the at-fault driver is evident in the scenario.

Tailgating is another illegal driving habit that’s caused numerous incidents over the years. Furthermore, such reckless behavior is often observed while racing or chasing a vehicle.

Thus, if these dangerous driving habits of another driver have caused physical and emotional wreckage to you, your family, or your belongings, you certainly have the grounds to file a case against them and claim compensation.

The accidents mentioned and explained by far encompass several prevalent offenses where another driver is at fault. However, it’s also crucial to understand the type of accident that occurs according to the car’s design. Hence, it’s essential to recognize the severity of T-bone collisions and rear-end accidents.

T-Bone and Rear-End Collision

T-bone collisions, which constitute 23% of crashes, are the most common collisions as they refer to impacts on the car’s sides. Since the vehicle has passengers at the sides, physical injuries and damages mainly occur in t-bone crashes.

Moreover, these crashes also have hefty settlement charges due to the collision’s severity, potentially damaging the vehicle and resulting in passenger injuries or fatalities.

In contrast, rear-end collisions are less prevalent. They might cause less damage to passengers due to the presence of enough space between the cars. However, you must recognize the severity of such collisions because aggressive or speedy driving can be fatal.

T-bone and rear-end collisions both hold certain weightage in the case and can get you compensation if you were a victim of an auto accident. However, the settlement for t-bone crashes is far more expensive than the rear-end. Moreover, you can file medical expenses claims in both crashes if you or your loved one have suffered injuries.

These types, by no means, are exhaustive. Hence, if you’ve been through some other kind of auto accident, don’t hesitate to consult a lawyer to gain more clarity. Most firms offer free first-time consultation services, so there shouldn’t be a problem in reaching out and seeking free advice.

Types of Personal Injury Damages

The types of personal injury damages that courts across the nation acknowledge differing state to state. However, California law recognizes three crucial types of personal injury damages.

Understanding these damages is imperative to ensure you’re making the right moves and getting the defendant a suitable punishment.

Your personal injury lawyer must be able to assist you in navigating through these damages. Still, knowing what damages you can file for would be best. Here’s a general overview of the three types of personal injury damages that the state of California recognizes:

Non-Economic Damages

These damages are the hardest to compensate for as they refer to a person’s subjective injuries. These damages are often psychological and emotional such as losing a loved one who causes pain and suffering as the person loses companionship.

Furthermore, these damages also encompass the damage to a person’s reputation and psychological harm that auto accidents can often cause.

Economic Damages

The most uncomplicated damages to reimburse are economic damages due to their objective nature. The damages refer to the monetary loss a plaintiff may have suffered with medical bills, property loss, property repair, etc. Moreover, suppose the crash has resulted in any hindrance in your earnings. In that case, these damages circling your employment also fall under economic damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages might be difficult to understand as they circle punishing the offender for their illegal activities and keeping them from indulging in the same action again. In addition, these punishments also act as a lesson for others as they are meant to discourage such behavior or conduct from occurring again. However, punitive damages require far more detailed evidence collection, as the offender must be proven for committing a malicious, fraudulent, or oppressive crime.

Your personal injury lawyer will be best able to assist you in identifying which personal injury damage you can best claim for and gain compensation or justice. A proficient lawyer with an excellent track record will be able to walk you through all the tactical aspects where necessary and handle the rest skillfully.

Why Do You Need a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer?

The time after an accident is overwhelming, especially when you have suffered the loss of a loved one. During such a crucial time, you may want to avoid handling the technicalities of the law or dealing with complex terms and conditions that change the nature of your case. Therefore, hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer would be your best bet amidst all the chaos so that you don’t commit a mistake that can rob you of your compensation.

A talented personal injury lawyer will help you navigate the specially laid out laws of the California justice system to assist you in understanding the severity of the crime committed against you. Furthermore, gathering evidence during an emotionally distressing situation can also be too much, as the evidence might scratch your wounds and unleash your grief negatively.

Any emotionally charged or reckless decision or action can severely cost you your compensation claims. Hence, the assistance of a renowned personal injury lawyer specializing in specific auto accident claims will add value to your case.

While dealing with psychological damage or recovering from injuries, your lawyers can lay out the game plan by collecting concrete evidence and talking to the police. Any further necessary steps you need to take can be taken care of by your attorney in your absence.

How Can You Contribute to Making Your Case Robust?

Suppose you plan on hiring a skillful personal injury lawyer to help you file claims. In that case, you must provide any necessary documents to support your lawyers prepare a foolproof case against the offender. Some of these documents include the following:

  • Medical files (if applicable)
  • Reports from the police (if applicable)
  • Insurance records (if relevant)
  • Testimony from witnesses (if appropriate)
  • Receipts for lost earnings and medical expenses (if applicable)

Supplementary documentation may also include pictures of the scene of the crash or other pertinent records, like receipts or medical charts, in addition to those already mentioned to further support your case.

Final Thoughts

Auto accidents are common in major cities due to the increasing number of automobiles on the road. As we progress in technology, we also give birth to the potential for reckless behaviors. Auto accidents are proof of this paradox, and you must be vigilant while driving around.

It’s also imperative to understand the different auto accident claims you can make to know the necessary course of action in case you are ever in such a situation. Having some basic knowledge regarding auto accidents and personal injury damages would assist you in making informed decisions regarding the type of attorney to choose.

Worrying about compensations, claims, trials, and lawsuits while grieving your loss or recovering from your injuries can be a painstaking process. Hence, having a personal injury lawyer who’s competitive to win the case for you yet compassionate to put your needs first is crucial.

If you require such expert help and reside in Sacramento, California, we suggest you contact Ashley Injury Lawyers. The reputable firm specializes in personal injury cases. It can assist you through their years of experience in making the best moves in getting maximum compensation.

As competent as these lawyers are, they are also compassionate and offer to meet you at home for your initial consultation to allow you time to recover from psychological and emotional suffering. The team of professionals is excellent at devising tactics and collecting the necessary evidence to help you gain the justice you deserve.

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