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Ashley Amerio, Esq.

Ashley Amerio, Esq.

Ashley Amerio has dedicated her career to advocating for those in need of legal help. She is the Founder and President of Ashley Injury Lawyers, which she established in 2007 as Ashley Injury Lawyers. Ms. Amerio and her team work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for each injury client.

Ms. Amerio ensures all team members maintain the highest level of service and professionalism for the Firm’s clients. She understands that calling an attorney may be one of the most challenging decisions in a person’s life and strives to make the experience as painless as possible. Client satisfaction is a top priority at Ashley Injury Lawyers, and her results as an injury lawyer speak for themselves.

Ms. Amerio is originally from Arizona. She attended San Jose State University. While attending SJSU, she interned at NASA Ames Research Center and obtained her B.A. in Psychology, minor in Criminology. Ms. Amerio then relocated to Sacramento and attended McGeorge School of Law. She interned at a top law firm that specialized in Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury throughout law school. After handling thousands of Bankruptcy cases, Ms. Amerio became the supervising attorney of their Chapter 7 team.

After the overhaul of the Bankruptcy laws in 2005, Ms. Amerio was elected to become a prosecutor at the Amador County District Attorney’s office. As a Deputy District Attorney, she handled many misdemeanor and felony cases, up to preliminary hearings and jury trials. Additionally, she had a near-perfect jury trial conviction rate. She held two awards based on her trial skills and zealous advocacy.

During her District Attorney’s office tenure, Ms. Amerio learned the justice system from the prosecutorial perspective. That perspective, combined with her experience as a defense attorney, gives her a more complete understanding of both sides of the justice system.

In 2008, Ms. Amerio created the personal injury department of Ashley Injury Lawyers. A decade later, personal injury is the primary focus of her Firms. She has earned a reputation of being experienced, aggressive, and compassionate over the years through her unparalleled record of success as a negotiator and trial attorney.

Ashley Injury Lawyers promises to make your experience as easy as possible and aims to obtain the best possible result for your particular injury. Ashley Injury Lawyers understands that calling an attorney is challenging and intimidating, but wants to make it easier for you. Call now before time runs out, 888-ASHLEY-911 or message us.

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